Fast. Simple. Effective.


The line of code the developer can write the fastest, the line of code that a developer can maintain the cheapest, and the line of code the never breaks for the user, is the line of code the developer never had to write.

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Entire framework is 4 files


Basic requests much less than 1 millisecond


Write less and do more


Object Oriented

Obray is object oriented. Infact it's impossible to write an app with Obray that doesn't use PHP classes and the principles of OOP. Most classes will extend OObject and take advantage of the routing capability to access classes. Others will extend ODBO to use the database abstraction layer. Stop thinking about using OOP, start now.

A Simpler Way to Access Your Classes

Define a route and put all your OObject classes there. Based on their path Obray will be able to access them through a unique URI from the $this->route('/route/your/URI/here/');. Similarly if made accessible you can access this class from and http request like:

Nuts & Bolts Database Abstraction

Write far less code by taking advantage of ODBO. Simple define a table definition and start adding, updateing, deleting, and getting your data in a data structure that makes sense.


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